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ALBATIAN has built this Web, of informative character, for a personal and free use.

General Information

These General Conditions regulate the use of the ALBATIAN CONSULTING S.L.U. Web site, in ahead ALBATIAN, to which you can agree through the main direction www.albatian.com. In fulfillment of the anticipated thing in Law 34/2002, of 11 of July ,about Services of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Commerce, we inform that this Web site has been reated, it's maintained and it belongs to mercantile ALBATIAN CONSULTING S.L.U., Cocheras, 4 A, 3 - 3, 28007 Madrid, (Spain), provided with NIF: B-84855444, and registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, Tome 23432, Book 0, Folio 71, Section 8, M420263 Leaf. The users will be able to contact direct and effective with the mercantile holder of the present site not only by means of personal visit or mail directed to their social address, in the signs before indicated, but also by following means:e-mail: info@albatian.com

Acceptance of the conditions of use

The access to this website or its use anyway implies the acceptance of all and each one of the present general conditions of use and of which, unilaterally, at any time, ALBATIAN can establish. Consequently, each visitor or user will be responsible of the careful reading of the general conditions of use in each occasion you accede to this website. The use of certain services will also imply the acceptance, without reserve some, of the particular norms or instructions that ALBATIAN could establish at any time with specific substitute or complementary character, to the one of the present general conditions.

Access conditions

In general, the access to the information and the services facilitated by ALBATIAN will be free, and users needn't facilitate personal data, neither the use of keys or passwords, nor the previous subscription, except acceding to certain contents or services. When users need access to determined contents or the use of some service it is necessary to facilitate personal character data, the users will be guaranteed their veracity, exactitude, authenticity and use. ALBATIAN will give to these data the automated treatment that corresponds based on its nature or purpose, in the conditions and terms indicated in the section of policy of protection of personal data. Also, in these cases, if it would be necessary the use of access keys (name of user and password), the users will have to consider the following thing: - The password chosen by the user could not be opposite to the moral neither to generally accepted moral convention, nor the rights to the honor and the own image of third, as well as to infringe some of the rights of industrial or intellectual property of third. - The access keys are for personal and exclusive use of the titular user of them, and their safekeeping, confidentiality and correct use are of their exclusive responsibility. ALBATIAN will not be responsible by any damage in which the user or third can incur as a result of which other people use their password, with or without consent or knowledge of the user. - ALBATIAN is committed to fulfill the obligation of secret respect to the password used by the user.

Use conditions

The use of website of ALBATIAN will have to obey to the content of these General Conditions, to any legal dispositions applicable and the exigencies of the moral and generally accepted moral convention, as well as to those of public order. Except for previous and it express ALBATIAN authorization, the users will be able solely to use its contents and services for own and personal use and, therefore, will abstain to make any act that, directly or indirectly, supposes a commercial operation of such. In any case, the users will use the contents and services facilitated by ALBATIAN in accordance with the effective legality, and will assume the responsibilities that correspond to them by the conducts or activities that, in any form, can be illicit or harmful for rights from third or that can harm, prevent or limit the use of this website other users. The users will respond of the damages of any type that ALBATIAN can go through, directly or indirectly, as a result of the breach of the effective norm or of any of the obligations derived from the general conditions of use of this website. ALBATIAN reserves the right to deny, unilaterally and at any time, the access to this Web site to those users who fail to fulfill the present General Conditions of Use, and without previous warning or justification.

  • Terms of use of the Blog:

The messages, comments, data or opinions expressed in the Blog that can be enabled on the Website are stored as is, for the only service to which they are intended, which is to inform, comment and serve as a contact between Users. ALBATIAN is not responsible or identified with the comments or opinions expressed on Blog by any User.

Interventions in Blogs with references to racist or sexist themes will not be admitted, nor will any intervention that derives in personal aspects be admitted, either through insults, comments, non-constructive criticisms or mere allusions that may violate the right to privacy of the Users of this website or people or entities outside it. Any User may inform of the existence of this type of interventions by informing e-mail: info@albatian.com

It is not allowed to use the Blog to perform spam, off-topic advertising, capture e-mail addresses or any type of illegal action.

The responsibility for the information and the activities carried out in the Blog are exclusively for the User, exempting ALBATIAN from any responsibility that originates in them if they are unlawful or damage property or rights of a third party. ALBATIAN reserves the right to cancel, cancel, delete any comment or deny access to any User that violates this regulation or is illegal. However, in accordance with article 16 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, ALBATIAN is not responsible for the information or comments included by Users.

When ALBATIAN has effective knowledge that the activity or information stored is illegal or that it injures property or rights of a third party, it will immediately withdraw it.

The reproduction of the contents of the Blog without prior authorization is prohibited.



  • Industrial Property:

The denomination ALBATIAN, as well as other distinguishing signs (graphical or nominatives) that appears in this Web site are property of mercantile "ALBATIAN CONSULTING, S.L.U.;, that has the exclusive right to use them in the economic traffic. Therefore, it is prohibited its use by someone else that lacks in the corresponding authorization. The possible presence in this site of distinguishing signs of ownership foreign to the reviewed one in the previous paragraph takes place without commercial purpose and with the authorization of its legitimate proprietors, always with respect to its rights. The rights of intellectual property of the Web www.albatian.com, its design, structure of navigation, source code with codes of language HTML, JAVA, JavaScript, among others, its databases as well as each one of its different elements contained in it belong to ALBATIAN; to whom corresponds solely the exclusive exercise of its rights of exploitation in any form and, in special, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.

  • Names of dominion:

The name of www.albatian.com dominion and all those that serve to accede directly to the present site are of exclusive ownership of mercantile "ALBATIAN CONSULTING S.L.U.;, or its use has been yielded by their legitimate holder. The illegal use of such in the economic traffic would suppose an infraction of the rights conferred by its registry and it will be persecuted by the planned resources in the Law.

  • Right of Author:

The contents, texts, designs, logotypes, sounds, videos, animations, recordings, programs of computer, source codes and, in general, any existing intellectual creation in this site, as well as the own site as a whole, as an artistic multimedia work, are protected like rights of author by the legislation in the matter of intellectual property. The users who accede to the Web www.albatian.com are specifically authorized for the visualization of all the information, the impression and partial downloads of the content only and exclusively if the following conditions concur:

  • It can occur that the reproduced elements are destined solely for personal and deprived use of the user. It is prohibited, therefore, specifically its use with commercial aims or for their distribution, public communication, transformation, including its send through electronic mail. Also it is prohibited that these contents are yielded or transmitted to someone else or they install in any server connected directly or indirectly to a local network and Internet, so that a group of someone else can have access to this information.
  • Neither of the contents related in this Web is modified anyway.
  • Neither of the graphs, icons or images available in this Web are used, copied or distributed separately of the text or rest of images that accompany it. Any infraction of the prohibitions and limitations contained in this section - as in any of the following ones infraction of the rights of intellectual property will be reputed titularity of ALBATIAN and will give rise to the legally established responsibilities to the effect, thus being able to be persecuted at this last one by means of the exercise of the administrative actions, civil or penal that, in their case, correspond.


  • Reserve of actions: 

The use of the contents or services of ALBATIAN does not imply and does not suppose the concession of license or authorization of use of any class on its rights of intellectual property or industrial property or any other right. The user of this Web site promises itself to respect the enunciated rights and to avoid any performance that could harm them, reserving in any case to ALBATIAN the legal exercise of whichever means or actions they correspond to him in defence of its legitimate rights of intellectual and industrial property.

Any type of connection of someone else to this Web must be the main page or of entrance: www.albatian.com.


Exemption of responsibility

The users must be conscious that, in any case, the use of the contents and services of this website becomes to its own risk and under its only and exclusive responsibility, and of which ALBATIAN does not guarantee:

  • The operability or availability of its contents or services. Despite when it is reasonably feasible or foreseeable, one will warn the users of possible interruptions of its operation.
  • The privacy and security of the use of its services, nor that nonauthorized someone else can have knowledge of the access or use that the users can do of their contents or services, and, consequently, exclude all responsibility in this respect.
  • The absence of virus nor of any other harmful elements introduced or provided by suppliers of contents or services, or by other users or someone else who can produce alterations or problems of any class in the computer science systems (software and hardware) of the users or in electronic documents and files stored in their computer science systems.In any case, ALBATIAN early thanks for all class of suggestions, rectifications or commentaries that contribute to avoid or to correct any type of incidence or irregularity of possible the fastest and efficient way. Such communications can be sent by email a: info@albatian.com.


Modification and completion of services

Although, in principle, the duration of this site is indefinite, ALBATIAN reserves the right to modify, to suspend or to finish to the benefit of its services or contents, in everything or partly, at any time, and with no need of advance warning to the users of it. Also, ALBATIAN will be able to at any time modify the conditions of use of this website.

Law and applicable jurisdiction

The present General Conditions of Use are governed by the Spanish Laws. Any controversy in relation to the ALBATIAN Web site will be embodied before the Spanish jurisdiction, being put under the parts the Courts of the city of Madrid, and their superior hierarchic ones, with express resignation to other fueros if they will have it and they were different from the reviewed ones. The simplest and effective way to ask for any explanation, or to formulate any type of complaint, suggestion or commentary, is the shipment of an email a: info@albatian.com.