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Digital Transformation Life Cycle

By Pedro Robledo, BPM process management expert

Digital Transformation Life Cycle

When a company raises the Digital Transformation it encounters two main obstacles, the lack of understanding about what is Digital Transformation and not knowing how to start. The approach is already a first step, because you will have realized that you can not lose competitiveness because of your digital incompetence, and the organization is not willing to disappear in the near future if you do nothing about it.

It is important to be aware that Digital Transformation refers to the use of digital technologies to achieve new business models ...

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How ciber security providers look like neighborhood thugs?

By Bernardo Ramos, IT security expert

Imagine that no country in the world had an army or a police force. Imagine that the only existing armies were private and were in the hands of four or five global security companies. Imagine that these companies were the main source of information about the risks to society related to crime. Imagine that social entities, companies, public administrations, and even individuals, could only protect themselves from hypothetical attacks to their security by paying a fee to one of the private security companies.

IT security

Security companies, being ...

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BPM is key to digital transformation

Pedro Robledo, BPM and digital transformation expert

Digital enterprise

All companies have to adapt to meet the challenges of business if they want to survive against the global economic changes, business competition, new regulations, technological disruptions and especially the expectations of its customers. In order to achieve their goals and develop their capacities for innovation, they must have flexibility to strategically rethink everything every so often and be able to make the necessary changes quickly. In addition, traditional industries are being surprised by new business models that rethink the usual services and products. In many cases ...

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ERP is obsoleted, deciduous

Bernardo Ramos, IT security expert


For many years , ICT managers have had tow options:

1.Not to take risks

2. Choose the best

In the 70s and 80s Option 1 was blue, In the 90s he was named a consultant / auditor and In the 2000s it has been the development of integrated systems , which we called ERP (extended evolution of the old MRP) and it seems that only exists for large companies a three acronyms, expensive and complex. Bernardo Ramos IT security expert

But the ERP is obsoleted as an element of progress, and can not ...

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BPM is the most effective discipline of business management

Pedro Robledo, BPM and digital transformation expert


The management of payment delay, control debt, control of margins, risk management, cost reduction, optimization of resources and compliance are priority areas for companies to be more agile ( change faster), effective (saving), efficient (more tasks, faster and less cost), excellent (productive and competitive) and successful (with benefits) ensuring customer satisfaction.

If your organization relies on departments concerned about their individual goals, and its pillars are the hierarchy, control and bureaucracy, you are limiting the performance of staff to have the flexibility demanded by the ...

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