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Knowledge management: Business Strategy

By Juan Emilio Alvárez, Specialist in Digital transformation and BPM

From the organizational point of view, knowledge is the generating base of competitive advantages and the driver of the economy. The need to generate new ideas ina a quick and  dynamic way has made it easier for the value of information and knowledge to rise.

According to Davenport (1997), “Knowledge” is information combined with experience, context, interpretation and reflection. It has a high value because it is prepared to be applied to decisions and actions ”.

The greatest asset that organizations have consists of the knowledge they ...

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The ROI (Return On Investment) in Compliance Programs.

By Javier Fernández Blanco, Venture and finances expert.

El ROI (Return On Investment) de los Modelos Compliance

The implementation of compliance programs in our legal entities should be a constant in a business environment, where the Good Corporate Governance and the excellent Business Management were the basic principles of whom might have bet and bet their effort and patrimony to create, in a sustainable way, wealth, employment and social utility, unequivocal objectives of every good businessman.

For several years, it exists a not so accurate tendency that confuses the entrepreneur with the businessman. Not every entrepreneur needs to demonstrate their own ...

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How to guide organizations in Maturity in BPM?

By: Pedro Robledo, BPM process management expert

The selection of software for the technological implementation of the Business Process Management (BPM) discipline will depend mainly on whether we want to cover the entire BPM life cycle or only some of its phases. The selection methodology explained below is valid for both cases, but when defining the evaluation criteria, it will be necessary to take into account what is the scope sought (with respect to the BPM life cycle), in order to evaluate similar products.

A Process Oriented Organization is one that, following ...

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Does your company have a Digital Culture?.

Por: José Francisco Rodríguez, Marketing and Knowledge Management expert, President AEERC, Associate Professor ESADE.


The truth is that it seems that we all use the term digital transformation, to try to define that we are undertaking an evolution of our businesses and adapting them to a new context that without a doubt, is changing every day what demands us not only flexibility, but methodology to undertake with rigor and consistency innovations, and one of the most relevant elements, is the culture of the company as a catalyst for all the changes we have ...

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Why my SME has to implement a Compliance Program?.

By Javier Fernández Blanco, Venture and finances expert

Prevención y Gestión de los Riesgos Legales en la Empresa, algo más que una visión Penal.

In Spain, according to the latest published data by INE-DIRCE, there are 1.491.765 companies with employees, from which 1.488.677 have less than 250 workers, is that to say, 99,78% of the Spanish companies are SME’s.

According to the same sources, SME’s in Spain imply almost 80% of employment, that is, nearly 4 of 5 workers are employed by a SME.

The above data are devastating and show that every measure, in any aspect, directed to companies ...

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