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A strong Enterprise Architecture practice will help prepare organizations for GDPR

By: Pedro Robledo, BPM process management expert


Any private or public organization anywhere in the world could be caught by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, EU Regulation 2016/679) if it processes personal data relating to EU citizens, has a European presence, or has a website offering goods or services to EU citizens. And it critically affects all personal data, changing the way that entire organizations interact with personally identifiable information. It requires changes in both security and processing as well as in the comprehensive documentation they must maintain ...

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Industry 4.0: the bpm challenge

By Juan Emilio Alvárez, Specialist in Digital transformation and BPM


"The Industrial Revolution 4.0 and / or Digital Transformation,”, is already a reality. This transformation implies a reinvention, but, unlike previous transformations, times are critical. Supply and demand vary at Vertiginous speed, and every company has to find its way to success. In this scenario, is it possible to bypass digital transformation 4.0?

The immersion in the "Digital Transformation" has to be a reality, but do not confuse Digital Transformation, with change of technology. Elements such as manufacturing and additive intelligence, robotics, artificial ...

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Payback of management misinformed by excess - PCs in the industrial environment

By Bernardo Ramos, IT security expert

A few weeks ago media around the world alarmed citizens with a "Ransomware" attack which they called "Wannacry". It had blocked lots of computers of some major companies around the world

Shortly afterwards the same media again alarmed us with a new wave of even more sophisticated attacks of the same type. Now they explained that Russia had used a cyber weapon called "Petya" to attack Ukraine with possible unpredictable effects in other countries.

Enterprise executives are not usually concerned with issues such ...

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Cybersecurity: Do not Protect Your PC

By Bernardo Ramos, IT security expert

Cybersecurity: Do not Protect Your PC


Why should you pay to protect your PC?
How much money are we wasting to protect our PC against computer viruses?

In a world where both the information and the programs used to process it are increasingly in the "cloud" is it still reasonable to spend effort and money on protecting the end point? (Either a PC, a tablet or a Smartphone)

Our computers are becoming more and more a simple tool, such us the pencil we used to use "in the old days", to process our information ...

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The reporting on Cibersegurity is meant for management satisfation or to progress?

By Bernardo Ramos, IT security expert

Ciberseguridad: No protejas el PC

What is the use of reporting in general?

There are three possible answers:

  • To satisfy the boss's craving for information
  • To show that you do your job
  • To identify what needs to change to make progress.

Of course, everyone will say that the third option is the correct one

But in most cases the true answer is the first one without any further aim

If we want to know if we are doing well in terms of cybersecurity, if we really ...

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