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Knowledge management: Business Strategy

By Juan Emilio Alvárez, Specialist in Digital transformation and BPM

From the organizational point of view, knowledge is the generating base of competitive advantages and the driver of the economy. The need to generate new ideas ina a quick and  dynamic way has made it easier for the value of information and knowledge to rise.

According to Davenport (1997), “Knowledge” is information combined with experience, context, interpretation and reflection. It has a high value because it is prepared to be applied to decisions and actions ”.

The greatest asset that organizations have consists of the knowledge they ...

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Why BPM is Vital for Insurance Companies

By: Pedro Robledo, BPM process management expert

Companies in the insurance sector seek to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of management. They face significant challenges in providing faster responses, reducing operating costs, responding quickly to regulatory changes, and operating satisfying consumers in an attempt to retain customers.

In their management they operate with increasing volumes of data, excessive manual processes, inefficient legacy platforms and processes, high error rates of manual tasks, non-integrated applications, which contribute to increased costs. If we also think about the lack of visibility of key flows, we will ...

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Why BPM is vital for companies in the energy and utility industry

By: Pedro Robledo, BPM process management expert

Many energy and utilities companies around the world have turned to implementing Business Process Management (BPM) to optimize and automate their business processes end-to-end. The application of BPM to their operational, financial, administrative, and customer service processes has provided vital benefits to offer quality customer services, ensure regulatory compliance and 24x7 service delivery, among others.

The BPM discipline can offer many benefits and improvements to any organization in any sector. The reasons for this are companies’ reduction of product design times ...

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Before automating a process ... improve it!

By: Pedro Robledo, BPM process management expert

Automation has been impacting Enterprises in 2019, and the trends marks than for the next years will be more present in all businesses. The effect of Digital Transformation makes companies think or carry out automation projects. But this is not digital transformation. To be digital transformation, it has to happen that emerging technologies are applied to the business, creating new products and services, new business models and changes in the value chain. In another case, we will be talking about Digitalization, but not about Digital Transformation. But ...

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The ROI (Return On Investment) in Compliance Programs.

By Javier Fernández Blanco, Venture and finances expert.

El ROI (Return On Investment) de los Modelos Compliance

The implementation of compliance programs in our legal entities should be a constant in a business environment, where the Good Corporate Governance and the excellent Business Management were the basic principles of whom might have bet and bet their effort and patrimony to create, in a sustainable way, wealth, employment and social utility, unequivocal objectives of every good businessman.

For several years, it exists a not so accurate tendency that confuses the entrepreneur with the businessman. Not every entrepreneur needs to demonstrate their own ...

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