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Differences between Processes, Procedures and Work Instructions

Por: Pedro Robledo, BPM process management expert

Many people often confuse these three terms: business ProcessProcedure, and Work Instruction. In fact, most people write work instructions and call them procedures, and define a procedure as a process. My objective in this paper is to provide the difference amongst the three terms to help you understand when to use each term in the Quality Management of your Business.

The ISO 9001:2015 standard (Quality management systems - Fundamentals and vocabulary) defines the concept of Business Process as: "A set of related or interacting activities ...

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A strong Enterprise Architecture practice will help prepare organizations for GDPR

By: Pedro Robledo, BPM process management expert


Any private or public organization anywhere in the world could be caught by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, EU Regulation 2016/679) if it processes personal data relating to EU citizens, has a European presence, or has a website offering goods or services to EU citizens. And it critically affects all personal data, changing the way that entire organizations interact with personally identifiable information. It requires changes in both security and processing as well as in the comprehensive documentation they must maintain ...

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Industry 4.0: the bpm challenge

By Juan Emilio Alvárez, Specialist in Digital transformation and BPM


"The Industrial Revolution 4.0 and / or Digital Transformation,”, is already a reality. This transformation implies a reinvention, but, unlike previous transformations, times are critical. Supply and demand vary at Vertiginous speed, and every company has to find its way to success. In this scenario, is it possible to bypass digital transformation 4.0?

The immersion in the "Digital Transformation" has to be a reality, but do not confuse Digital Transformation, with change of technology. Elements such as manufacturing and additive intelligence, robotics, artificial ...

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How to Calculate the ROI of a BPM Initiative?

By: Pedro Robledo, BPM process management expert


As the implementation of BPM (Business Process Management) in your organization is not only the implementation of BPM technology, to analyze the profitability to be obtained it is necessary to take into account the entire BPM Life Cycle. You must evaluate both the investment to be made and the benefits in each phase. It is also necessary to take into account in the analysis the number of BPM projects that will be implemented during the time period of study so that all costs in ...

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Not enough with an independent Management of a Process.

By: Pedro Robledo, BPM process management expert


Business Process Management (BPM) is a business management discipline (including methods, tools and technologies) focused on pursuing the continuous improvement of the operational processes of an organization, promoting effective, efficient, transparent and agile performance. Considering an operational or business process as a sequence of activities with an order of realization over time, which converts inputs given into output (a result, a product ...) using specific execution methods and with the support of adequate resources, adding value to the organization. The processes must support business strategy ...

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